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The company has strong humanistic information

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Social responsibility
Kaituo Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. actively participates in and supports charities and repays the society with a strong sense of social responsibility. The company has donated a total of about 7.8 million yuan over the years.

Among them, from 2005 to 2006, more than 1 million yuan was donated to the Jiangyin Charity Federation; from 2007 to 2015, the "Kaicheng Love College Students" program was established through the Jiangyin Charity Federation. A total of 836 students enrolled in colleges or higher education institutions and subsistence allowance families in this city have issued a total of 5.825 million yuan in student aid; since 2010, the company and its employees have donated 89.45 to disaster-stricken areas at home and abroad through the Chinese Red Cross. Ten thousand yuan. In the future, Kaicheng will continue to continue this love.

Kaituo Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. has been awarded the honorary title of 2011 "Top Ten Enthusiastic Charity Enterprises" by Jiangyin Municipal People's Government, "Jiangyin City Charity Outstanding Contribution Award", and "Wuxi City Charity Outstanding Contribution Award" by Wuxi City Charity Federation prize".

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