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The history of a company

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The company is currently the standing director unit of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, the vice chairman unit of the lifting hoist branch, and as a leading enterprise in the domestic electric hoist industry, it has presided over the revision of the industry standards for electric hoists, and participated in the formulation and revision of various industry standards. Professional technical standards.

The company has successively won many honorary titles such as China's Industrial Economy Pioneer National Demonstration Unit, China's Top Ten Crane Machinery Manufacturing Enterprises, China's Most Influential Brand in Machinery Industry, and Jiangsu Quality Management Award.

After the joint venture, by absorbing and introducing foreign advanced management experience and technology, the company has developed into an electric hoist that integrates the production of CDK/MDK, frequency conversion, marine, metallurgical, explosion-proof, HJ, RY and other conventional and professional fields. It is a well-known domestic professional manufacturer of hoisting machinery integrated with single and double beam, gantry, frequency conversion and other cranes.

The company's main products are cranes and electric hoists, which are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical, shipbuilding, electric power (nuclear power), food, military, electronics and other industries.

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