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CDK/MDK electric hoist

  • The CDK/MDK electric hoist is an electric hoist with improved design on the basis of the CD1/MD1 wire rope electric hoist
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1. The life test of the whole machine exceeds the 800 hours required by the standard, reaching more than 1000 hours;
2. The working level of the hoist has been upgraded from M3 to M4;
3. The energy efficiency rating of the hoist is higher than the original CD1/MD1 series, reaching level 2, and some can reach level 1;
4. Full use of environmentally friendly paint;
5. The product adopts non-asbestos brake ring, which is more in line with environmental protection requirements.

Starting weight (t): 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12.5, 16, 20  
Starting elevation (m): 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30

* The fixed type does not have a walking mechanism, and has four different directions of fixation (see the figure A1~A4 CDK/MDK electric hoist, which is an improved design on the basis of the CD1/MD1 wire rope electric hoist. Applicable occasions) Than CD1/

The MD1 electric hoist is wider, and the working level is upgraded from M3 to M4. It can be installed alone on overhead I-beam rails, or it can be installed on electric single beam, double beam, cantilever, gantry and other cranes.

In fine operations, when the lifting speed of the CDK type single-speed electric hoist cannot meet the requirements, the MDK type double-speed electric hoist should be used.
* When hoist running track does not use I-beam, such as H-beam or box beam, flat tread electric trolley can be equipped to meet the requirements.

1. The shell of the reel is welded by robot to ensure the rigidity and strength of the stressed parts;
2. Optimize the quality of main castings such as the reducer case, case cover, motor front cover, etc.;
3. The safety factor of steel wire rope is improved to meet the requirements of M4 work level;
4. Optimize the size of the pulley and improve the strength of the pulley;
5. Motor performance improvement: using cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, the motor load duration has been increased to 30%;
6. Electrical performance improvement: the application of imported brand contactors, the improvement of limit methods, etc.;
7. Environmental protection and safety: environmentally friendly paint is fully adopted; non-asbestos brake ring is adopted;
8. Energy saving and consumption reduction: The energy efficiency rating of the whole machine is not lower than level 2, and some specifications can reach level 1.

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